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Alina Teodorescu

Alina Teodorescu

Painter (Bachelor in Interior & Furniture Design )

I am Alina Teodorescu, a Romanian multimedia artist based in London 

I have walked a long road and recently I have reached an epiphany as to what completes me as an artist- the urge to experiment with technologies and materials which I explored in interior design.  Throughout my career I developed a capacity to continuously adapt to the latest aesthetic realities and the world of interiors and have now extended my artistic boundaries.  I have re-orientated myself towards expressing exclusively through my art.

Discovering the endless possibilities offered by new digital formats as a means of new expression played an important role in my genesis as an artist. By using the iPad and the Brushes app I capture my spontaneous ideas that at later stage are transposed in different mediums. Whether digital prints from my iPad drawings, oil on canvas or acrylic applied to paper or Plexiglas, the series of works I create vibrate with the same rhythm.

My works convey a personal cry for freedom through epicurean forms that validate the human body as a space of intense interactions between concepts such as good and evil, frivolity and spirituality, cultural identity versus homogeneity.



38 × 55 × 1 cm
  • £800.00
60 × 80 × 2 cm
  • £1,800.00
23.5 × 30 × 0 cm
  • £600.00
45 × 30 × 1 cm
  • £800.00


Solo projects 2014   Bodies, Playboy Members Club, Park Lane, London, UK                                                                                       New Perspective on Arts, Le Meridien Flagship Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand   Solo Show and workshop at U2 Art and Design Center, Shenzhen, China   2013   Solo Exhibition, BRD Group Societe Generale Tower, Bucharest, Romania   Blind Eyed Choice, Galateca Gallery, Bucharest, Romania   What? About You, VC Art, Iris, Beirut, Lebanon Group projects 2004         Hearts and Fire, collaboration with Ilie Teodorescu, Hotel Dumbrava, Bacau, Romania 1999         Group Show Romanian Flash of Light, Giromagny, France

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