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Anielka Hampson

Anielka Hampson

Edinburgh College of Arts (MA (Hons) Fine Art )

From an early age when looking at paintings in galleries, the seduction of some painted surfaces created a great desire and pull towards wanting to recreate the same feelings that I had when looking at them. Now as my art practice develops, this seduction of the painted surface is paramount, of which I try to combine through the actual image with that of the varied surfaces within my canvases. I enjoy the combination of textures and the aesthetic of paint. The enjoyment I get from the actual painting technique itself is essential to my practise and spending long periods of time working on a painting is an essential part, which captures within it emotional dispositions and feelings during that time. Likewise, I hope for the viewer to be able to build a similar relationship with my work, in the sense that it doesn’t reveal itself all at once, and that each time it is viewed, they can discover something new that they hadn’t previously noticed before.

The impetus for creating a paintings is from what I see and experience on a daily basis. Inspiration for my paintings occurs naturally combining the things I encounter everyday with imagery, particularly that of advertising and fashion. I collect images from a majority of sources and ephemera, like old food wrappers, which I store in a database. An image has such a throw-away characteristic, that it is constantly replaced, renewed and forgotten. In my art I have tried to explore different ways in making sense of our environment, whilst also forcing the viewer to appreciate something that would probably not get a second glance. My choice of imagery tends to be governed by a gut instinct, an indescribable thing that draws me to a part of a particular section of an image that I feel compelled to paint. However recently my work has been drawn from a more internal place, in which I am interested in channelling certain strong feelings into the image.

Within the making of my paintings I have some different methods of execution. Though mainly my painting consists of a series of processes to arrive at its finalisation of a build-up of layers, a combination of painting styles. The backgrounds of my painting are a very separate and intuitive process, where I pour and manipulate paint to create abstract patterns, which eventually become incorporated into the image itself. I enjoy the relationships forged between the layers in my paintings, which in turn create the viewer to mentally create images in the abstract background, similar to seeing things in cloud formations. In my practise, apart from painting I have various other outputs like, print, collage, wood carving and video.

200 × 100 × 3 cm
  • £1,250.00
44.6 × 150 × 3 cm
  • £1,000.00
150 × 44.6 × 3 cm
  • £1,000.00


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