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Anna Glantz

Anna Glantz

University for the Creative Arts, Farnham (Master of Fine Arts )

I am a UK based, Swedish born artist specialising in making mixed media paintings on paper. I graduated from an MA in Fine Art at the University for the Creative Arts in Canterbury, in September 2013.

My work focuses on displacement in relation to the notion of ‘being’, belonging and remembering. I use a range of techniques such as drawing, painting and printmaking in my practice.

My most recent  project is informed by the notion of melancholy and its relation to loss, longing and the passing of time. For me the images in When the Grass Was Greener suggest a familiarity, yet I find them also unsettling.  They are my portrayal of the complicated relationship between the present and the unattainable fragmented nature of the past and a constant reminder of the passing of time and the notion of impermanence.

I often have a figurative representation ‘hovering’ over the landscapes to represent a fragmented relationship with the landscapes and the environments. I am portraying the relation to the landscape in this way in order to reference the kind of ‘emotional vulnerabilities’, which I deem is connected to melancholy. By alluding to the 'uncanny' I aim to de-centre the viewer and create a sense of alienation.

Many of my images also have a strong visual connection with my childhood and Nordic heritage. The ‘real’ sites depicted within this work form – together with the fictional elements – a mixture of dreams, fears and memories representing a personal melancholic state of mind.  This way of merging imagery from different contexts is part of my personal interpretation of a preserved past and an attempt to visually represent a specific portrayal of feelings of displacement within my images.

Much of my work is made in a mixed-media technique compromising of: acrylic, ink, pencil, silk-screening and photo-transferring. Creating layers to build up surfaces has become a fundamental part of my making process, enabling me to create interesting surfaces and depths in my images. 


66.5 × 49.7 × 2 cm
  • £980.00
66.5 × 49.7 × 2 cm
  • £970.00


SUBSET Group Exhibition Georges House Gallery, Strange Cargo Folkestone England September-October 2013 ------------- MA-FINE ART SHOW University for the Creative Arts Canterbury August 2013 -------------- MIGRATE Group Exhibition Exhibited the piece ‘Reductio ad Absurdum’ Pop-up Gallery during Edinburgh Art Festival, Broughton Street Gallery, Edinburgh August – September 2011 ----------------- CHIEVELEY RECREATION CENTRE Solo Exhibition Artist commission in the Village Hall for the HM Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee 2012 July-November 2011 -------------- FEAR & REASON Solo Exhibition Exhibited the series Fear & Reason The Camden Eye, Camden, London June – September 2010


Grafstrom & Sandqvistska Art Foundation -young artist award; Sweden 2013

Grafstrom & Sandqvistska Art Foundation -young artist award; Sweden 2013

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