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Anna Irena Tomica

Anna Irena Tomica

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Young artist specializing in the visual arts, most of all in artistic graphic and drawing. Works are mostly abstract because in the opinion of the author "The beauty of abstraction is thateveryone can see a ‎part of himself‎ in it. The artist gives away himself‎ so the recipient gets a piece of the artist. ‎But the picture is also a sort of a mirror in which you can see yourself from in the emotional and spiritual aspect".


20 × 20 × 1 cm
  • £100.00
30 × 30 × 0 cm
  • £200.00


  - „A single grain of rice” Galerie Métanoïa, Paris, France 2015 -  „IV biennale internazionale ex libris Palladio 2014”  Vicenza,  Italy 2014 - „5 th painting & mixed media competition 2014-2015” Lessedra Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria - „Acqui prize 2015- xii international biennial of engraving” Associazione Biennale Internazionale per l’Incisione, Piazza Italia, Acqui Terme, Italy 2015 - „Hong Kong Graphic Art Fiesta 2014, XinYiDai: An International University Students Exchange Exhibition”  L1 & L0 Gallery, Hong Kong 2014 - „Biennale internationale d'art miniature"  Galerie du Rift De Ville-Marie, Canada 2014 - „7th international printmaking Biennial of Douro", Portugal 2014 -„International biennial of miniature art" Częstochowa, Poland 2014 - Individual exhibition "Spider web" Strumień, Poland 07.11.2014-01.02.2015 - „Guangzhou International Exlibris and Mini-prints Biennial” Art Museum of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Guangzhou, China 2014 - „Primo Premio grafica Italiana 2014” Padova, Italy 2014 - „International Ex Libris Competition Varna” Largo Art Gallery, Varna,  Bulgaria 2014 - „Ulica Themersonów” Art. Gallery Płock, Poland 2014 - „3th festival of visual arts" BWA, Bielsko-biała, Poland 2014 - „Kurant Exhibition” BWA Tarnów, Poland 2014 - „Biennale of Cieszyn’s Venice” Castle of Art., Cieszyn, Poland 2014 - „CINiBA Exlibris” CINiBA Katowice, Poland 2014 - „Graphic art from Cieszyn" Palace of youth, Katowice, Poland 2014 - „Kurant exhibition” Culture House Gallery, Rybnik, Poland 2014 - „Kurant 2nd exhibition” Gallery Nicer, Sosnowiec, Poland 2014 - „Polish graphic", Gallery Tega, Dniepropetrowsk, Ukraina 2014      


- Distinction, Print category "BIENNALE INTERNATIONALE D'ART MINIATURE" , Canada 2014 - Distinction "CINIBA Exlibris" 2014

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