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Carolina Vargas Reis

Carolina Vargas Reis

Other (B. Eng and M.B.A )

Canadian artist, Carolina Vargas, was originally born in Colombia. Professionally trained as a Civil Engineer, Carolina’s appreciation for the beauty of art has always been present. Carolina’s work is a compilation of emotions and life experiences based on a contemporary perspective. As a self-taught artist her technique is anything but conventional. Her canvases are often a combination of drawing, painting, waxing and collaging. Through her art, she explores her own experience with social, political and emotional issues in the form of paintings or photographs. Carolina’s compositions are a visual diary of her life.

152 × 101 × 5 cm
  • £10,000.00
109 × 82 × 4 cm
91 × 91 × 5 cm
30 × 46 × 3 cm
121 × 152 × 4.5 cm
  • £4,300.00


Fasken Martineau, Solo Exhibition, Toronto, Canada Nuit Blanche 2014 -Red Head Gallery, Insomia, Painting Category, Toronto, Canada

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