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Hans K Clausen

Hans K Clausen

Edinburgh College of Arts (BA Hons Sculpture , 2013)

The interaction between people and material culture is a recurring area of enquiry in my artistic practice; how we read visual language, how we make sense of our material world and how the objects that surround us can define us. I am intrigued by the narrative qualities, associations, provenance, and power of ubiquitous objects and by the forces of materialism, marketing, consumerism and obsolescence. Through the language of ‘stuff’ my work examines the relationship between artist, object and viewer and questions the boundaries between thinking and making, discovering and discarding, creation and craft, authorship and ownership.


Skips have frequently provided the inspiration, raw materials and 'found objects' for my creative endeavours and it’s with a debt of gratitude that I turned my attention from their contents to the skips themselves. The functional design of a builders skip arguably makes as strong a visual statement in the urban landscape as the ubiquitous telephone box or the double-decker bus and yet often goes unseen. In my recent body of work I wanted to celebrate the skip as a sculptural object, urban icon and as a potent metaphorical symbol of our time.

'Objects are not what they were made to be but what they become'. Thomas, N. (1991) Entangled Objects.


2013 (January) Selected Artist for the Catlin Art Guide 2013, London

2013 (January) Selected Graduate Artist, Society of Scottish Artists, Edinburgh  

2012 (October) Signature Art prize winner (Sculpture), Degree Art, London

2012 (June) Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop, New Graduate Studio Award




130 × 360 × 165 cm
  • £3,600.00
125 × 360 × 165 cm
  • £2,400.00


Exhibitions 2013(March) – Society of Scottish Artists Annual Show, Edinburgh RSA Galleries 2013 (January) – Defcon Salon, Embassy Members Exhibition, Edinburgh 2012 (December) – Royal Scottish Academy Open, Edinburgh RSA Galleries   2012 (October) – Signature Art Prize Gala Exhibition, London (Winner) 2012 (July) – Falling, Group Show, Tent Gallery Edinburgh    2012 (June) –  Degree Show, Edinburgh College of Art 2012 (February) – Gone Courting, RCA and ECA group exhibition, Edinburgh College of Art 2012 (January) – Salon Neu, Embassy Members Show, Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh 2011 (March) – Socks and Sandals, Sculpture Exhibition, Edinburgh College of Art                                                                         2010 (October) – Hidden Door, Arts Festival, (Installation) Roxy Art House, Edinburgh 2010 (June) – SOLAS Festival, Biggar, Scottish Borders 2010 (February) – Ad Hoc, Student Group Show, Glasgow School of Art 2009 (August) – Leith Art Festival, Ocean Terminal, Edinburgh 2009 (March) – 25th Anniversary Exhibition,  Leith School of Art, Edinburgh

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