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Kimberley Fairbrother

Kimberley Fairbrother

Bath Spa University (BA HONS Fine Art , 2012)

Kimberley is  a freelance artist working with paint and print based in the UK. She graduated in July 2010 with a BA HONS in Fine Art from Bath Spa University.

Kimberley's work is influenced by the natural. The anatomical landscape is of particular interest, within its veins, arteries and internal organs she has found a remarkable symbiosis between art and science. Developing her work through two mediums;  oil paint and print, It is within these processes that she has established a real creative dialect. From these organic forms Kimberley is able to create her own abstract universe, giving her the dynamic she so craves for her artistic impetus.


Kimberley is  inspired by the idea of transformation and metamorphosis. Reflected in her own practise  through extracting main themes and influences which  are pivotal to her  work and translating them to paint or print. The abstracted images and shapes take on a new, vibrant existence, spilling over the surface, drawing the viewer into a form of internal space. The process and tactile qualities found in Oil paint is also of particualr interest to kimberley.

It is through painting and print making that Kimberley is able to create something timeless and unique.

140 × 140 × 4 cm
  • £1,500.00
200 × 150 × 5 cm
  • £3,000.00
40 × 31 × 0 cm
  • £70.00
200 × 150 × 5 cm
  • £3,000.00


 2011 October Islington Contemporary Art Fair, Angel, London 2011 March Bath Burp Launch exhibition Royal Oak, Bath 2011 January ‘impromptu’, curated and exhibited, Walcott Chapel Bath 2010 October ‘Bit of Art bit of wine’, curated and exhibited, Market, Bath 2010 September ‘Autumn Showcase’ Candid Arts Centre Islington, London 2010 July ’97 Miles West’ Graduate show, The Old Truman Brewery, Brick lane, London 2009 November Bath Young Artist Competition, The Octagon Bath 2009 May ‘Juice’ Exhibition, curated and exhibited, the Octagon, Milsom Place Bath 2009 October ‘drawn recordings’ exhibition, Lolapaloza Gallery, Oxford


Winner of TA2 award for Best use of Illustration for Design/Advertising/Branding & YCN Brief “The Feel Good Drinks Company:

Young Artist, Bath 2010

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