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Margaux-Alix Gardet

Margaux-Alix Gardet

Chelsea College of Art And Design (BA Fine Art )

My practice explores mankind and the human condition in various ways of understanding, mostly through identity. It explores our social interactions with one another and our place in the world. It mostly addresses questions unanswered about the way in which our mind works. I started by exploring my own unconscious, through depiction of my own dreams, understanding of symbols, lucid dreaming and overall dream interpretation. The female body has always been a strong element in my work, as well as the objectification and distortion of it.

170 × 200 × 3 cm
  • £3,000.00


Unit24 Gallery, London, England, "BRIDGES", April 2013.   Baku Restaurant & Bar, London, England, "YOU AND EYE", June 2013. .y

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