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Mary Osinibi

Mary Osinibi

London College Of Communication (Graphic Design )
Multidisciplinary London-based artists Mary Osinibi (1983) works with acrylic paints, photography, hand drawn sketches, digital and video. She experiments by combining different mediums and challenging the way we perceive traditional fine art and digital art.


A harmony of conflicting states is one of many interpretation of Mary Osinibi's art and techniques; her signature style of paintings built up from multiple layers of applied acrylic paints with a wide variety of hues and shades merged with digital art; the combination of mediums that evokes the notion that not everything is as it appears; it underlines a sense of tension between polar opposites such as past to present, good and evil, right and wrong, subjective and objective. 


Mary’s work is a form of storytelling, her art uses juxtaposition as the main vehicle to communicate these transitions. For example the dichotomy between two disparate emotions or the paradox of time’s constancy set against the sense that it is forever in a state of flux or change. These themes are used to challenge the way in which we perceive and experience our surroundings and respond to our human emotions.


While Mary Osinibi’s work is open to interpretation by the audience, the pieces convey what she feels personally and reflect her own convictions at the point of creating that work.


For instance her technique and signature style of her hand drawn illustrations have all been drawn in less than a minute ‘sub-consciously.’ Her aim here is to tell a story that gives insight into her own unintentional thought-process at that particular moment in time. She sees this technique of isolating a creative intention as a re-visioning of the artistic process which allows her to produce what she considers ‘honest’ art-work.


Mary Osinibi’s inspiration is very heavily based on her own self-exploration of her faith as a Christian – her own desires for change and transformation in herself. She believes that all art-forms are an amazing gift, a reflection of the creator.


In her words “Art has the power to enrich lives and alter attitudes; it is capable of engaging and encouraging the human spirit”. Mary Osinibi wants her audiences to be awakened, revitalized, moved or provoked to consider the changes they can make to benefit themselves individually as well as the wider society.


102 × 76 × 0 cm
  • £1,800.00


GRANTS / AWARDS / RESIDENCIES 2014 'Sedition' an exclusively online gallery for limited editions of digital art. (Worldwide) 2013 Debut Contemporary Academy (Notting Hill, UK) 2011 / 2012 Finalist for the 'Colors of Life' Exhibition (USA) 2005 D&AD Student Awards 2005 publication (UK) SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2010  Arc Gallery solo exhibition entitled ‘Time Waits for No-one.’ Took place aboard the Arc Gallery boat. Collection is inspired by the notion of transience in a rapidly changing world and aims to visually capture the process of change juxtaposed against presumed constants. (London, UK) 2009  BBI Awards at the Hilton, featuring work from the 'Moved' collection. (London, UK) First solo exhibition entitled ‘MOVED' held at '118 Gallery' Notting Hill. This work tackled current affairs and social issues. (London, UK) SELECTED GROUP EXHIBITIONS 2014 Debut Contemporary Gallery 'Human Suffering at Times of Crisis' exhibition curated by Barry Martin and exhibition alongside established artist Barry Martin whose work is currently showing at the TATE; Guy Portelli ( the first artist to be ‘backed’ by 3 ‘Dragons, Peter Jones, James Caan and Theo Paphitis) and Surbhi Modi. (Notting Hill, UK) 'Sedition' online gallery - 'Lazarus Series - I am Tikar' exhibition (Worldwide) Debut Summer Exhibitions, an exploration of the untold stories behind ancient African masks. (Notting Hill, UK) 2013 Debut Contemporary Gallery (Notting Hill, UK) 2012 'Colors of Life' exhibition travelled to multiple venues throughout the USA to raise awareness and funds for Every Child Matters' advocacy efforts during the electoral campaign of 2012. (USA) 2011 Arc Gallery showcasing works from national and international artists. (UK) Candid Arts Trust exhibition (London, UK) 2010 Sisters in Spirit Exhibition (London, UK) 2009 Canvas exhibition (London, UK) PHOTOMONTH east London photography festival (London, UK) 2005 Free Range 2005 & The Old Truman Brewery (London, UK)


D&AD Student Awards 2005

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