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Mike Ainsworth

Mike Ainsworth

Leeds University (Fine Art (BA International honors) 4th year )

I am currently studying my final year at the University of Leeds on the Fine Art programme where i will recieve BA Fine Art with international Honours in July 2014, i recently returned from an Erasmus study programme in Budapest, Hungary where i was studying at the Hungarian University of Fine Art. I currently am the head curator at the Debut Series, which is a gallery space at Leeds University which predominantly organizes one day, one artist, one work shows of all types. I am also using this space to set up international connections and exhibitions, i am currently organizing a show in Puebla, Mexico with an ex-student of Leeds University.

Within my own practice i work with many different themes and agendas as well as working in many different mediums, ranging from screenprinting and other printmaking techniques such as photo gravure, to action based performative works as well as being an avid collector of things and images, often collecting many of the same thing to create something much larger. Often with my work i'm trying to rework the dominant popular visual culture vernacular for my own means, creating something that hopefully blends into the outside world, and maybe doesn't even seem like art but a part of visual culture/the norm. Often revolving around social and political issues that we encounter, in a hope of highlighting them or offering an alternative to them, as i believe it a responsibility of artists if we are aware of the problems with society it is detrimental and ignorant to avoid them and cover them up with an escapists art, art shouldn't be for distracting us from the world but for showing us the world and helping us to understand society and rework what needs reworking.

To see more of my work check out my blog at www.mdainsworth.blogspot.com


Curatorial and organization roles: - November 7th – 8th – Two day workshop with Leeds College of Art students – Leader and organizer - September 2013 – July 2014 – The Debut Series – Leeds – Head curator and organizer - May 29th – June 5th 2013 - Salon in progress – Open submission show - Müszi – Budapest, Hungary – Co-curator and organizer with Bea Istvánko - May 14th – 16th 2013 – Egeszsegedre – Group show – Heinrich house – Budapest, Hungary – Co-curator and organizer - December 11th-14th 2012 – Basementality – Group show – FKSE Gallery - Budapest, Hungary – Co-curator and organizer - April 25th - 26th 2012 - UB26 - Leeds University Second year Group Show - The Light – Leeds – Co-curator and organizer - May 24th - 25th  2011 -  40% - Group show – Leeds University – Co-curator and organizer   Artistic experience: As well as my own practice I have also produced screen print posters and flyers for Leeds based bands; “BEARS KILLING BEARS”, “MEATHEAD”, “SKUD” and also Australian band “DZ DEATHRAYS” I have also produced promotional screen printed posters for LUU Exec candidate Jordan Webb in February 2012. Group exhibitions: - May 29th – June 5th 2013 - Salon in progress - Müszi – Budapest, Hungary - May 14th – 16th 2013 – Egeszsegedre – Heinrich house – Budapest, Hungary - January 24th-29th – Zumo – Group show – La luz de la nevera – Mexico City, Mexico - December 11th-14th 2012 – Basementality – FKSE Gallery - Budapest, Hungary - April 25th - 26th 2012 - UB26 - The Light - Leeds - December 8th 2011- Outworks- Group show - Leeds University. Workshops/Residencies -  October 28th – November 5th – Social Responsibility in Art Today – Artist led workshop – Budapest, Hungary. - November 6th - 11th 2010 - Part of a collaborative residency at 42 New Briggate gallery, Leeds. Open submission shows: - June 12th – 29th 2013 – Street Art Open – Open submission show – Surface Gallery – Nottingham - March 16th - April 22nd 2012  Miniatures - Open submission show - Cupola Gallery - Sheffield - March 8th - 24th 2012 - Pumped up kicks – Open submission show - Leeds Metropolitan University - April 24th - July 24th 2011 - 1m x 1m – Open submission show -  The Bowery Gallery, Leeds. - October 8th 2010 - DIY ART SERIES 1 - Exhibited as part of “Light Night” Leeds. Commissions: - June 7th 2012 – Insight Palestina. 


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